Old turntables

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Thorens CBA 83n

                                                                                       My second project.  

TD 135

My first turntable project.


Rogers JR149 Loudspeakers

 Jim Rogers JR-149 monitor speakers using the
same KEF drive units as the famous LS3/5A (B 110 and T27),but housed in a heavy aluminium
cylinder with wooden end caps.
Power rating 60 watts ,8-16 ohms.

Garrard 4HF

1957 Garrard released  the  4HF.
This  model  was  in  production  until  1965,
by  which  time about  100.000 units
had  been  produced.
It  had  the famous  TPA 12  inch  transcriptions
Pick up  arm,  with a plug-in  headshell