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Sony PS-Q7

SONY  PS-Q7  Record player  Turntable
PS Q7 is a quarter- sized record player, automatic, direct drive,
With built-in headphones  amplifier.
Since 1982 Sony created a very cute portable turntable,
available in red ,silver and black color.
It has a small aluminium platter 78mm, and two speeds 33-45
A dynamic balanced low mass tonearm and moving magnet
cartridge allow the stylus to track with greater accuracy.
Stylus type:ND-143G
Weight 2.5 kg


Goldring Lenco GL75 - Lenco L75

Lenco GL75 custom.
Plinth from Finland birch plywood SME cut.
Tonearm Rotel RP 3000
Designed and made by Vintagetable